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Functional Physique

Hey friend, I’m TJ and it’s time to “burn your wagon”

I fix broken mindsets and busted bodies with proven personal coaching and individually designed fitness and nutrition programs

TJ Houske
TJ Houske Kettlebell Book

Want to be fit forever?

Quit quitting, stay fit for life and all it's epic seasons!

coaching success in

  • Mindset

  • Strength Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Mixed Modal Training
  • Competitive Performance
  • muscle building
  • Nutrition

Join Us!

Burn Your Wagon, stop chasing the "lifestyle" unicorn today!

I coach science not opinion, fact not myth, sunshine with rainbows but truth in tough love. ANYONE can become and remain fit, burn fat, and crush life in best health. Simple is sexy, sustainable is key, and fitness for health is what it’s all about.






Amazing Mission

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