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Hey Friend! I'm Tj!

Your Fitness Nerd & Founder of FP

Here's a little about me

I love family, coffee, and fitness...

I enjoy sharing perspective

I am a midlife, fit over forty hubs and dad that has journeyed through 20 years of industry b.s. in the pursuit of meaningful fitness for health. I use proven leadership coaching to fix what's truly busted - mindsets and personal identity. I believe individualized program design and personal coaching is the way to marry your actual lifestyle to its needed fitness.

"Workout More Often (WOMO) has an epic mission and excellent resource for to-the-point fitness insights for all styles and their enthusiasts. I love contributing content to the cause of helping others #womo! "

Function First!

Stop Chasing The Lifestyle Unicorn And Design Fitness For Your Actual Lifestyle

You Get One Life!

Stop defining your value and worth by some silly number on a scale, picture of another body image on the Gram, or some magazine cover model physique.  You've heard "professionals" preach lifestyle while promoting diet templates.  You've probably even tried restrictive programs, crash diets, supplement programs and gimmicky "magic" fitness equipment that melts fat or worse, "turns it into muscle"..cough, eh, nerp.  These are the wagons that we all "fall off".

I've been there!  In my 20's it was fitness for sport, 30's fitness for physique, and now in my 40's I have two decades of personal and coaching experience that truly appreciate what "lifestyle" means.  I've worked out of the same broken mindsets and confusing industry.  You are not alone! 

Life is truly short and time really is irreplaceable.  We believe in designing programs that match your lifestyle and life goals so that you actually achieve the fitness  "lifestyle" that everyone preaches.  It's simple not easy, science not fad, and most importantly its sustainable!

Personal coaching, individual design, science, and leadership are the tools in our kit and together we know you will get the results you've been searching for.

It's time friend, bring the wagon we've got the matches.  Together we will #burnthewagon.. 

TJ Houske, Head Trainer & Founder

Our Clients Live Everywhere!

Technology is AWESOME!  We have the resources to support you anywhere in the world and design to your equipment, environment, and lifestyle.  If you are ready to work we are ready to coach.  Schedule your FREE fitness and lifestyle consult today.

"TJ and Functional Physique have helped us design fitness for our life.  The demands as a physician and professional require workouts at home, designed for me, and my wife.  We love it and highly recommend Functional Physique."

The Bowers Family

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