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One mission, many members and lasting results 

Our mission is to fix broken mindsets, broken bodies, and finally catch the unicorn that is "lifestyle" in fitness with proven coaching and fitness programming designed for your actual lifestyle!  No two people are alike and therefore generic fitness and nutrition program templates will ever suffice.  Functional Physique designs individualized programs for your actual life and it's demands.  Working out from home?!  Even better!  Save time and get results from the comfort of your home-gym environment.  Not sure where to start?  Simple!  Connect with a coach and complete your fitness assessment and lifestyle and goals consult.   

Our clients get

Fitness Designed For Your Actual Lifestyle

Individualized fitness training and nutrition programs designed for your personal lifestyle demands including time, family, work lifestyle and your home-gym or fitness gym environments.  

Personal Coaching And Fit Technology

Functional Physique uses proven coaching systems and fitness technology to support each customer with personal coaching and accountability.  Our customers get results and achieve fitness as a lifestyle.

Minimal Equipment Required

"Lifestyle" in fitness has become the mythical unicorn. It doesn't require a ton of equipment to smash goals, feel your best, become and remain fit.  We can use what you have to design effective programs and make recommendations on great equipment add-ons when timing and budget make sense!  

Coaching Guides For Food & Travel

We've worked with hundreds of customers and know that common obstacles including what to eat, how to eat, and how to achieve fitness with a full plate of life, including work-life travel demands.  We have created a vault of resources that offer value-add in the journey of empowering you to become and remain fit-for-life and finally catch the lifestyle unicorn!

Are You Ready To Stop Starting Over?

It's a simple process and start with your fitness assessment and lifestyle consult.  Schedule today and let's burn the wagon and start living a lifestyle!

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