More Money, No Time… “What Gives!?”

The Demands Of Career Responsibility Included Budget Oversight, Personnel Management And Development, Strategic Planning, “Hands-On” Support, And More. The Stresses Of Responsibility Paled In Comparison To The Monies For Service Rendered As “The Boss”.

Many Americans struggle with the needs of more money and less time. This formula is often reviewed, never balanced, and ever-changing.

The rising cost-of-living, the increased cost of education, the demands of family; all stress any taker of the battle challenge.

Therefore, HOW do you earn more money with limited to NO time? Part-time jobs require more time and if you have children, more home-front support for the time at work not to mention the added exchange of precious memories for needed wage.

Enter “multi-level” or “network marketing”. Opinions are volatile as to the legitimacy of opportunity and speculative at best in belief of it’s return for your time and/or financial investment. Therefore, why consider it? What makes direct-sales, relationship marketing or “MLM (all the same thing) a vehicle to consider for the possible reward for those with limited time and a need for increased financial gain?

This week I will share perspectives to that stimulate thinking so that you too can consider the countless opportunities equally available to the hungry.


I start with what matters most, time. It’s precious, irreplaceable, and constantly fleeting; to all. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery”, therefore enjoy the gift of being present. It’s not atypical to wake on Sunday dreading Monday while counting down until Friday so that you can enjoy Saturday.

Direct selling offers us pathway for the use of discretionary time to learn, employ, and therefore earn potential income and further the goals in your home.

The focused few hours spent (however much time is your personal choice) learning can results to earnings that with discipline can remove financial debt and therefore provide, for consideration, the chance to reduce the time in a job to advance time in your opportunity and have the freedom of choice in the time you steward daily.

Take it from a guy that distinctly remembers 100 hour work weeks, the stress of project lists expanding and not shrinking, and the countless nights of kissing my kids AFTER they were asleep rather than reading them the bedtime story as they fell asleep, the opportunity for more time to live life is only met with the investment of discretionary focused time in a vehicle that can produce it’s freedom…

Direct-selling is, like anything worthwhile, hard work with real rewards. Therefore, find a product you are passionate about, a service that will positively impact others, and a leader that is proven and will serve the supporting role success demands.

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